Career choices, revisited

People are different, they say. That’s why women are different, too.

The ages have changed. Today women in the developed world don’t have to walk the distance between their homes and the nearest well in order to fetch water for their families. We don’t need to grow our food and we now give birth in hospitals rather than in the fields. Despite the significant progress, the lives of women aren’t much simpler today. We should be good at practically everything: relationships, jobs, raising children, cooking, house repairs, and being therapists.

When it comes to our career paths, some of us are lucky enough to have the path illuminated for us already, be it by our families, partners or mentors. Those of us who aren’t that fortunate need to plan ahead and be highly vigorous in our professional lives in order to ‘’make it.’’ We need to roll up our sleeves and start building stairs in the career ladder, whether that means getting prestigious titles or simply growing a small business. We are rather confident and brave. We have an idea, we believe in it and we work hard to realize it. We are the true entrepreneurs.

There are also those of us who start working in our early twenties without a clear vision of where we want to go, accepting the first paid gig that comes along and going with the flow. We start by being diligent at work, doing our best and being loyal to our employers until one day we wake up, realizing the urgent need to change the direction of our lives and do so drastically.

With the realization that going with the flow leads nowhere fast, comes much anxiety. However, that’s only the beginning of a long process that has the potential to change everything in our lives. After that comes the decision to make conscious changes for the better, and with it follows an avalanche of positive developments which are impossible to hold back.

Sometimes it starts with retraining ourselves for the new lives or careers we want to pursue, watching online videos and taking evening courses, reading books, getting advice. Other times it starts by simply launching a small-scale business on the side, while still keeping our day jobs and working double-time. It’s exhausting and stressful at times, but it’s also incredibly inspiring and empowering. During this period, you already know that your efforts are going directly towards the accomplishment of your goals, the fulfillment of your aspirations, and ultimately – your own personal happiness.

Once this process has been kickstarted, no one and nothing can stand in your way. Because you’re a woman on an important mission that she will pursue at all costs and despite all obstacles. A woman on a mission is strong because she profoundly believes that she is shaping her own future, and in the process shaping opportunities for other women. As women of 2018, it is our prerogative to be brave and never quit chasing our happiness, whether that means travelling the world, starting a small home-based business or making it big in the corporate world. The opportunities, resources and mentors are available to us all, through the internet. Don’t hesitate to access them.

The power for change belongs to YOU.

Aneta Stefanova is a young creative writer in Sofia, Bulgaria. She writes in both English and Bulgarian. Check out her blog and her LinkedIn profile.

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