Why the corner office is no longer a cornerstone

She had just gotten a big office with windows overlooking the office park. It was not in the corner but it was a corner office. She looked important, with her custom Bvlgari rings, coiffed friseure and steel eyes. She was sitting in the office, so she must be good. She had made it. People now had to knock on the door to speak to her, if only they could bow too.

Her lunch was delivered in the conference room by her assistant. A bland salad, what else. She was working 12-hour days but that didn’t mean she was allowed to slip up and become fat or an alcoholic. She tried to eat discreetly while speaking to 20 other executives from various European offices.

She couldn’t fly business, in Europe there’s rarely true business class on planes. But she could order oysters and champagne at the airport prior to her flight. If only she had arrived early enough to do so. Her boarding pass was in her iPhone’s wallet app, all she had to do is dismiss all the other notifications before getting it to open. The check-in attendant didn’t ask for her ID; she looked established enough not to have to bother identifying herself.

She noticed the girl across the aisle was not offered the Financial Times or The Wallstreet Journal. She was just some hipster with New Balance shoes, ripped jeans and a hoodie, after all. Who knows what she was doing on her tiny laptop, probably writing in her digital journal or making those ridiculous collages they now post on social media. She took both papers, and sunk deep into them.

She arrived at her hotel at 23:30, put on her silky pyjamas and started typing away on her laptop, in bed. She was awoken by the incessant sound of her phone alarm. She used a bit of font de teint to hide the marks left by the laptop keys on the side of her face overnight.

“We will have to let you go,’’ she heard him say. She blanked out most of the fancy phrases the CEO and the VP of HR were throwing at her; they sounded so violent. Something about reports from subordinates, quarterly numbers and strategy. So many words that meant nothing at all….

She was relieved. She’d probably have to lose her Audi Q7 but she’d be able to go to the park with her son and maybe even go for a run. And finally catch up on sleep. The corner office no longer looked welcoming.

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